Artistic Talent and Kids

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How To Encourage Artistic Talent

Parents often wish to discover and encourage the talents of their children in order to give them the means to flourish. Kindergarten is a great time to start developing their skills.  It is interesting to nurture your child’s artistic talent starting in Kindergarten. Let’s start by talking about artistic expression first. Drawing is often the first way kindergarten children learn to express their creativity. Drawing thus contributes to the emotional, cognitive and social development of children. It is also a means of communication. In kindergarten, spontaneous drawing allows children to express their ideas about their surroundings and about others. We should therefore encourage them to develop this talent. So here are some tips to help your child develop their artistic talent in preschool. Remember that parents are the first role models for children. We must therefore set an example. Thus, if the child is to develop his artistic talent, for example by drawing, parents should be the first to pick up paper, pencils and brushes. You have to know how to give the child choices to accompany him in his exploration. Providing this free creative space will be a way to nurture your child’s artistic talent in preschool.  

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Encourage art

It is important that parents provide the child with an art activity that corresponds to his age. There are indeed distinct stages in the mastery of drawing depending on the development of the child. First, for the little ones, it’s about doodling. Then, as they grow older, they begin to represent more realistic objects and situations. Then, around the age of three, they begin to connect the lines with each other. Finally, between three and four years old, they draw things that are closer to reality. These are mandatory steps and it is important for parents to be aware of them. Finally, remember that artistry is not always about beauty or perfection.

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