Cat drawing for kids

Cat drawing tutorial for kids

Drawing a cat is a fun exercise for kids, also kids love kittens. So, let’s learn how to draw a cute cat this time. It may seem a little difficult at first sight but with our step by step explanation, it is easy. Just grab a pen and paper and follow the steps.

If you are interested in drawing online you can find our online cat drawing here. It is not the same cat, but it is also a cute one. We will probably add this cat to our online drawing section and coloring section too.

Step by step Cat drawing

Let’s start drawing our kitten. Here are the steps:

Drawing the face of the cat
1. First start with drawing the head of the cat.
Ear, nose, mouth, eyes
2. Draw eyes, nose, mouth and ears of the cat.
Add details to face of the cat
3. Add some details to the head.
Draw the body of the cat
4. Now draw the body of the cat.
Front legs of the cat
5. Draw the legs of the cat, it may be a little difficult to draw these but you can manage to do it after a few tries.
Cat drawing final step
6. Finally add some details to the body and the tail on the cat and you are all set.

It is cute cat isn’t it? Once you finish drawing you can paint it the way you like, maybe you can try adding some environment too. You can find a few of our tries below.

Cat drawing for kids is a good exercise as you can see. Also don’t forget checking our online drawing tutorials, coloring pages and step by step drawings.

Here are all of the steps:

Cat drawing for kids
Cute kitten drawing all of the steps.

Also don’t forget checking out Cat coloring pages.

Here are our attempts to add a little environment to our cat. Well they are actually just boxes, you can try different things too:

Cat sleeping on gift box
Cat sleeping on box

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