Which Age Group Should Make Which Drawings

If you are a parents and if you had ever wonder, which age group should make which drawings? Here we try to explain some useful information about the question that asked above.

As parents, we were delighted and has been excited after every development the child shows from the infancy period.

Starting from the ability to suck with a pacifier, writing with a pen, using a spoon etc. Different kinds of new habits that can be learned and acquired later make us parents happy. The ability to draw pictures is just as important as these. Which age group should make which drawings? We will write the ages soon…

Perhaps the child’s ability to draw is a more important development than speaking properly, making meaningful words, wearing clothes, walking without help, and going to the toilet.

person drawing on a notebook
Photo by Sarah Dietz on Pexels.com

Drawings Between The Ages Of 2-3: 

Children in this age range start to gradually switch from random doodles to drawing meaningful shapes.  With finger movements, the movement of the brain together, that is, the motor learning process develops.  Children of this age can be taught to work with colors gradually.

3-4 Age Range Drawings: 

At these ages, the lines usually represent something. Two lines side by side longitudinally can symbolize mans legs, the circle he drew on the upper part of the paper can symbolize mans head. These symbols allow them to repeat fixed learning in the child.

4-5 Age Range Drawings: 

Which age group should make which drawings? At this age they start using colors freely.  colors may not match reality.  like the red sea, orange sky.  some lines or symbols can represent an animal or a person.

One of the important details that should be known is that the development of drawing in these age ranges may differ in some children. Sometimes the process can develop rapidly or extremely slowly. This situation should not be considered as an abnormality. Our drawing exercises are suitable 5+ years old children.

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