What do the Colors Used by Children Mean to Draw?

You can identify many feelings by looking at your children’s drawings and learn about what do the colors used by children mean to draw? Such feelings can be sadness, empathy, or repressed anger. There is a link between colors, as personal choices for drawings, and emotions, which psychology has been studying for a long time. Shapes used in the drawings, the intensity of the strokes, and the drawing story can provide many clues about what children are thinking. Hence, color choices indicate the emotional state that the children feel.

multicolored abstract painting
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What does each color mean?

What do the colors used by children mean to draw can be interpreted if they choose to use more intense colors. Also, it is a good indication of signs if the children use a mix of colors, meaning that they are calm and connected to their emotions. Firstly, if the blue color dominates the drawing, it can be said that children develop self-control at young ages, and blue color is associated with calmness and relaxation. Red color, since it is quite intense, can be interpreted in two ways. If red color is used often, that might means the child feels repressed anger. If not used so often, it can be said that the child is energetic.

What do the colors used by children mean to draw can also be thought about the black color. Although the black color is believed to be linked with depression or negative feelings, it is actually linked with a good self-esteem and confidence. Brown color can be interpreted as responsibility. But, if it used often, it might also indicate the child is overwhelmed because of daily activities. The yellow color associated with energy and joy. If the child uses yellow, means he is happy.

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