How to Draw Knight Easy Tutorial

knight drawing tutorial

Knight are probably one of the most popular warrior from the medieval era. There are lots of games, movies about them. So, I decided to prepare a simple step by step knight drawing tutorial suitable for both kids and adults. Also learning to draw a knight is a good exercise. Because the drawing mostly consist of simple shapes, it should be easy to follow the steps.

Here are the how to draw a knight steps:

drawing step 1
1. First start with drawing a head for our knight
drawing step 2
2. Lets draw the helmet of the knight
drawing step 3
3. Draw the rest of the helmet
how to draw a knight step 4
4. Draw the body of the knight
drawing step 5
5. Drawing the arm is a little tricky, but not that hard. Basically it consist of 2 ellipses and a hand :D.
drawing step 6
6. Left arm is similar to right one. Just the hand part is a little different.
drawing step 7
7. Draw the legs and feet. Both of the legs and feet are easy to draw. They are simple shapes
drawing step 8
8. Now the difficult part, the sword of the knight. It may take sometime to make it nice but don’t give up trying. If you can’t manage to draw a sword you can try drawing a pike. Check the reference of the pike below.
how to draw a knight final step
9. And the final step is adding a shield. It should be a lot easier compared to sword.

Once you are done drawing the knight feel free to color it the way you like and add some details too. You can also try adding different weapons than sword. It can be a good drawing exercise to try different things. You can find full steps below with colored versions and with different weapons.

Also don’t forget checking our drawing pages and coloring pages for kids. Soon we will probably add the knight we just draw to our coloring pages too.

how to draw a knight step by step

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