Which Age Group Should Make Which Drawings

If you are a parents and if you had ever wonder, which age group should make which drawings? Here we try to explain some useful information about the question that asked above. As parents, we were delighted and has been excited after every development the child shows from the infancy period. Starting from the ability […]

Drawing and Imagination

Coloring, painting with their hands, associating colors, touching different textures… Toddlers are often curious and inclined to explore. How to introduce them to art and what are the benefits for young children? Artistic activities stimulate the imagination, facilitate expression and above all energize the creative processes of the child. The creative process is moreover much […]

Artistic Talent and Kids

How To Encourage Artistic Talent Parents often wish to discover and encourage the talents of their children in order to give them the means to flourish. Kindergarten is a great time to start developing their skills.  It is interesting to nurture your child’s artistic talent starting in Kindergarten. Let’s start by talking about artistic expression […]

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